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Breathing Air Module

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Breathing Air Module [BAM]
Unsurpassed value, peace of mind

The Breathing Air Module is a high quality breathing-air package combining high capacity filling with low sound levels and a flexible modular design. Built to be installed up against a wall, the Breathing Air Module provides unsurpassed value and peace of mind. Five hinged maintenance inspection doors provide superior access to all components. The unit comes fully equipped with an automatic condensate drain muffler/reservoir. Product value is guaranteed by the ISO 9001 quality standard achieved by the manufacturer of the compressor. The air purification system is installed inside the cabinet.

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Below: Breathing Air Module - BAM
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Standard Features

  • MAKO's MK2C purification system (with models BAM04 - BAM06[H])
  • MAKO's MK5C purification system (with models BAM07[H] - BAM09[H])
  • MAKO's industrial-duty 3- or 4-stage compressor block
  • NEMA design ODP 1.15. SF electric motor
  • Fully enclosed, sound attenuating enclosure with heavy-duty power-coated finish
  • Hinged and removable panels allow quick access to routine maintenance items
  • Auto-drain with muffler/reservoir system for collection of condensate
  • Compact design, with small overall footprint
  • Anti-vibration mounts
  • UL Listed, NEMA 4 Electrical Enclosure
  • Fully automatic control system

Instrumentation and Controls

  • PLC controller
  • Illuminated on/off push buttons
  • Hours-run meter
  • Emergency stop button
  • Inter-stage and final-stage pressure gauges
  • Individual shutdown indicators for High Air Temperature, High Air Pressure, and Low Oil Level/Pressure

Optional Equipment

  • MK5C or MK10C purification system (models BAM04 - BAM06[H])
  • MK10C purification (models BAM07[H] - BAM09[H])
  • Integrated or wall-mounted CO & Moisture (CMM) Monitor
  • Shutdown audible alarm
  • Dual pressure switch

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